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EU 365

The aim is to enhance participation, diversity, and environmental awareness in vocational education to increase active European citizenship, inclusivity and climate friendly lifestyles all year long.


The VRinHE project aims to build the capacities of Higher Education institutions and their staff, to integrate Virtual and Augmented Reality in teaching and learning.


This project, co-funded by the European Union, prepares European citizens to deal actively with relevant aspects of the global environmental crisis that the planet is facing.

Rotmos GmbH

Public Management & Unternehmensberatung

Beyond NEET(D)s

Beyond NEET(D)s ist ein Projekt, das sich an Personen richtet, die sich nicht in Ausbildung, Beschäftigung oder Training befinden („NEETs“) oder die unter diesem Status liegen,

WBL Goes Virtual

Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an essential part of Vocational Education and Training (VET) all over Europe, especially in the initial training circle (iVET). When young people enhance their theoretical know-how by working in a real life environment through a placement in a company or even a long-term apprenticeship, they gain valuable insights in their profession. [...]

Shiatsu Impuls Graz

Für Frau Mag. Livia Friedl steht die achtsame Begegnung zwischen PraktikerIn und KlientIn sowie ein ganzheitlicher Blick auf individuelle Anliegen und Bedürfnisse im Mittelpunkt der Shiatsu-Behandlung.

Peter Lagler

Peter Lagler: Diplomierter Pressefotograf & Fotodesigner / Hochsee Segel-Skipper & Ausbildner